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I Heart Heating is a family run business specializing in water-based heating systems.  Our office is located in Toronto's west-side neighbourhood of High Park.  We work in homes and businesses throughout the Greater Toronto Area.  We install boilers, in-floor heating systems, snow-melt systems, radiators and indirect water heaters.  We pride ourselves on providing honest, high quality and friendly service.  

I Heart Heating installs the following products: Cast Iron Radiators, Stelrad Steel Radiators, IBC Boilers, NTI Boilers, Triangle Tube Boilers and more.


At I Heart Heating we are passionate about hydronics.  

What is hydronics?  Hydronics is the use of a liquid heat-transfer medium in heating and cooling systems. The working fluid is typically water or a mixture of glycol and water. Some of the oldest and most common examples are hot-water radiators.  Today, more and more people are choosing to heat their homes or businesses with a hydronic in-floor heating system.  It is also possible to combine in-floor heating and radiators within different areas of the same system.

Hydronics vs. Forced Air

When contracting a new build or replacing an older system, home or business owners are faced with a choice between a water-based system or a forced-air system.  Water-based systems are usually run by a gas-fuelled or electric boiler which pumps heated liquid to tubes installed in a concrete slab under the floor or to cast iron or steel radiators.  Forced-air systems are usually run by a gas-fuelled furnace which heats air which is then pumped by a fan into a room.  Many contractors push their clients to use forced-air because they are unfamiliar with the benefits of hydronic or radiant systems some of which are the following:


Hydronic systems heat surfaces and materials and the heat radiates off of the surfaces to heat your home or business.  In a forced-air system, air is circulated around the room and so are allergens, dust particles and germs.  When working or living in a building heated by a hydronic system, one is less likely to suffer from allergies or illness.


Hydronic systems are more energy efficient and therefore are a more green solution to heating your home or business.


Although hydronic systems can be more expensive to install than forced-air systems, in the long run they are much less expensive to run.  Therefore your initial investment pays for itself over time.


Hydronic systems provide a more even heat where temperatures remain more constant.  Forced-air systems blow hot air when the temperature lowers and therefore your room will have more fluctuation in temperature.  With a furnace, just the air is being heated so objects and floors are cold to the touch.  Forced-air systems create a much drier environment than hydronic systems.  


Hydronic systems greatly reduce bulk heads which are necessary when installing a forced-air system.  With hydronics, there is no duct work. Lines are run through the walls from the boiler to the radiators or tubes under the floor.  A forced-air system creates noise with air blowing through duct work.  Hydronic systems are virtually silent. 


from our customers who love I Heart Heating

We hired Cam and his team to help build our dream home near High Park. All of our heating and cooling was designed, installed or organized by I Heart Heating. We went from an inefficient and wasteful traditional setup to a state-of-the-art, economical and modern heating and cooling system.....Building a new home isn’t exactly stress free, but I Heart Heating took the guesswork out of a huge portion of the process. Highly recommended.
— K. Helfand
Cam and Marc drove down from Toronto to get us off forced hot air and install a new Stelrad hot water radiator system, in floor radiant in the basement and a new boiler. Thorough, professional and positive guys. We couldn’t be happier with the result. We heart I Heart Heating.
— Joel Plaskett & Rebecca Kraatz
If you have a hydronic boiler heating system, we highly recommend I heart heating. We initially hired I heart heating for the boiler that heats our pool and driveway system and then had Cam Giroux come back to our place to look at our radiant floor heating system. He has improved efficiencies, and made preemptive fixes to reduce the chances of future problems. I Heart Heating is a reliable, honest company whom we completely trust to look after our hydronic heating systems.
— A. Gallop
Over the forty-odd years we’ve had this house we’ve had lots of experience with heating contractors and I would now always go with I Heart Heating.
— Brian Abner
During the demo of our old kitchen we found two boiler water pipes sticking out of the floor and I needed them removed before my new kitchen cabinets could be installed. After months of waiting the kitchen people were scheduled to come in the next day, so I was in a panicking. I luckily stumbled on I Heart Heating using the HomeStars site so I gave him a call. Cam already had a job scheduled that day but agreed to help me last minute. Not only did a great job removing the old water pipes he also fixed a towel rack boiler that has never worked since we moved into the house. We now have heat in our upstairs bathroom that we never thought we would have. Cam did a great job and I would highly recommend him.
— Satish
I highly recommend Cam and his crew. Friendly and reliable service. Five star review for I Heart Heating
— Lori Cullen